Active vacation on Hvar - cycling, hiking, fishing tours, and more


Maybe you do not know what active vacation includes, but you are probably enjoying it without knowing it. Active vacation means combining ecotourism, adventure and cultural aspects of a place you are visiting. Nowadays, those things are almost mandatory when you are planning your trip. 

Active vacation has three main goals and here on Oxa Dreamland, we cover them all. 


The first goal is, of course, recreation. You decided to have an active vacation because you wanted to relax and get away from everyday problems. Oxa Dreamland is situated in Stari Grad plain that remained almost intact for over 2400 years so you do not need to worry about the closeness of nature. You can take a long walk through Stari Grad Plain or you can grab a bike that is available on the property and explore surrounding villages (Dol, Pitve, Vrbanj, Vrisnik, and Svirče). 


Nature is the best medicine and it is free, so enjoy every bit of it.


Activities on Havr



The second goal is education. Do not worry, that does not mean that you need to go back to school. It means that your vacation is expanding your horizons and you are learning everything that you can about another culture. There is no better way to learn about the island’s ancient history and culture than exploring remains of old houses, towers, and stone walls.


Oxa Dreamland is near Dračevica, the only source of water above ground that rarely goes dry. That’s the place where archaeologists found ancient coins and pottery.

If you want to get to know the local traditions of people nowadays, Oxa Dreamland is close to the island’s most picturesque little villages.




Only 200 m from Oxa Dreamland there is an old greek tower Maslinovik which you can visit on foot. There you can see the remains of once impressive building. It sits on the hilltop which was the best place for a tower's main role - to look after enemies that wanted to attack from the sea.


Greek tower Maslinovik Stari Grad Plain



“History is the witness of the past, the light of the truth, the living memory, the teacher of life, the messenger of antiquity.”  Marcus Tullius Cicero  



It’s not only you who will benefit from the active vacation. By choosing this traveling philosophy, you are helping the local economy and small family businesses. You are also raising awareness and helping to spread the word about the visiting place.


Hora in Stari Grad Plain


The island of Hvar is filled with family farms that produce their olive oil, wine, lavender products and so much more. On Oxa Dreamland you can taste the golden sun in the golden olive oil or you can enjoy a glass of almost ancient wine, just like Dionysus, who probably roamed these fields. 


Go local or go home :D 


Family Farm Dionis


The best way to fully experience and enjoy your active vacation is to have alocal by your side. Luckily, Oxa spent the last decade building hers (and yours) dreamland and she learned a lot about the tradition of the island. A lot doesn’t mean all, of course, but you are so lucky, you don’t even know it. Oxa befriended a lot of locals in Stari Grad and in surrounding villages, so she can recommend somebody you can talk to or pay a visit to their family farm. 


Hora in Stari Grad Plain


All options are open when you are on Oxa Dreamland.


Keep reading to find out in what kind of activities you can enjoy while visiting island of Hvar and Oxa Dreamland.



People who love to cycle will feel like they are in paradise once they come to the island of Hvar.


You can choose from macadam trails (for those who love adrenaline and want to ride their mountain bikes) and asphalted roads (for those who want to explore the island with their families). The island has 13 routes that are over 400 km long and their length only grows. All routes are well connected and enabling enjoyable explorations of the island.


Cycling on Hvar


Routes 704 and 705 are going through Stari Grad Plain and they are offering a spectacular tour of this ancient plain. You can ride on paths that are preserved for over 2400 years, look over old stone walls and see unchanged parcels filled with olive trees and vineyards.


Routes 707 and 708 are for the ones who love the views from the highest peaks - they are leading over the island’s highest point - Sveti Nikola (628m).


The view from Sveti Nikola - Sveta Nedilja


Speaking of the island’s peaks, this year island Hvar will be hosting a mountain cycling race. The route connects town Hvar and Humac and it goes over hilltops and mountaintops of the island. The racers are coming on the 22nd of February and will be staying here for a week. 


Like we mentioned before, there are bikes at Oxa Dreamland at your disposal so you can explore the island on wheels.



Well, if you can go on the mountaintops on wheels, you can surely go there on foot. 


On your hikes on the island of Hvar, you will emerge in the atmosphere of ancient villages that are still standing the test of time. You’ll maybe even catch a glimpse of nymphs dancing on forgotten streets. 

The old paths you’ll be taking were once the only way to go from the southern to the northern part of the island


You can explore the paths and routes on your own, or you can book the tour and have a guide. 


The view from Velo Grablje


If you decide to go alone, you can take a bus that will drive you to Velo Grablje (from Stari Grad or Hvar) and you can start your journey from there and continue it through Malo Grablje to Milna.

Another option is to go from Stari Grad to Dol (on foot or with a bus) because from there is the shortest way to climb to Sveti Nikola.


If you don’t fancy going on foot or with a bus, Oxa Dreamland got you covered. We can take you to your desired place and pick you up whenever you want. 


Hiking over Dubovica bay


Fishing tours

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to set out to the sea on a boat, with fishing sticks and nets? Have you ever wanted to dive into the deep blue sea and look at the fish, almost choosing which one you’d like to eat? Ever wondered how did Santiago from The old man and the sea felt in the open sea when he caught the swordfish?


Well, we can’t promise that you will catch a swordfish, but we can promise you catching enough fish for your lunch, dinner or maybe both. 


Fresh fish The Hvar way



If you want to feel the serenity early in the morning and catching your (maybe) first fish, let us know, we have a guy just for you.


If you want to look from up close the fish and feel the excitement when they swim right past you, let us know, we have a guy just for you.


If you want to eat the fish you helped to catch in a traditional Mediterranean way that is prepared right in front of you, let us know, we have a guy just for you.


You are probably wondering who’s the guy we’re talking about, right?


Leo The Hvar way


The guy is Leo, an old sea wolf who spends most of his days on the sea. He’s the guy who knows how the sea breaths, where are the best spots to catch the fish and the guy who worked in Italy as a cook for several years.


You can be 100% sure that you are in good, no, in great hands when it comes to fishing and eating like one of the Greek gods.


Leo is offering you an opportunity to enjoy the sea in a way you’ve never thought is possible. 

He’s giving you a glimpse of the paradise that he’s fortunate enough to enjoy on a daily basis. 

He will present to you the Hvar way of fishing, relaxing and enjoying all of nature’s gifts. 


Feel free to contact him directly or you can let us take care of it. 


Your wish is our command.


Fishin Tour with Leo



We all dream of flying. We’re not talking about flying on an airplane from one place to another. We’re talking about flying like a bird, without limitations and with the wind flowing through your hair. 


You probably know by now that you can do almost everything your heart desires here on the island of Hvar. Skydiving is one of those things.


The adventure starts on Stari Grad Plain. There is a small airport where the plane sets off. 


Firstly, you’ll have a short preparation on the ground where your instructor eagerly waits for you. He’ll give you all the information about your jump and whatever you want to know. 


You won’t leave the ground before learning about safety techniques, the way you need to position your body while free falling and how to manage the parachute. Only after that you’ll leave the safety of the ground and start your journey up in the air. 


3000 meters up in the air, to be precise.  




Once you’re up in the air, you’ll never want to come down. 


From above, you’ll see the Stari Grad Plain in its full length (6 km) and width (2km) and all of its parcels that haven’t changed for 2400 years. 


You’ll have a view to die for - all bays, coves, and beaches will be on the palm of your hand. 


When the time comes, you’ll jump off a plane with your instructor and fly like a bird. While in the air, the adrenaline rush will go through your veins. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy it like nothing else in the world.


Maybe you’ll even hear Tom Petty singing in your ear: 


And I’m free, free fallin’

Yeah, I’m free, free fallin’.


Once you taste the adrenaline, you’ll crave for it until you do it again.


You can book your jump on your own, or leave it to Oxa. Whatever suits you the best.


Skydiving Hvar

Horse riding

If you want to experience something new, but the adrenaline rush is not your cup of tea, no worries. Oxa has a solution for everything. 


She befriended Mario, nature and animal enthusiast who wanted to provide something unique for all visitors of the island. On his property you’ll find the most noble animals of them all - horses. When you look at them, you’ll immediately travel to open fields and plains where those magnificent animals rule. 


You can’t go horse riding wherever you want, you’ll stay on Mario’s spacious property and enjoy the company of Marlo the horse.

Pssst, you didn’t hear that from us, but Mario sings like a nightingale. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hear him sing old Dalmatian songs while riding on Marlo’s back. 


Horse riding


We covered the activities you can enjoy while you are staying on Oxa Dreamland. As we said, feel free to contact Oxa and ask her to help you plan the active vacation that is most suitable for you, your family and friends.

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