sucuraj island of hvarLocated on the eastern tip of the island, Sucuraj lies in the magnificent decor of which form the mountains Biokovo, Pelješac and the sea. The first written mention of Sucuraj, which are preserved today, dating back to the 14th century although it speaks of an ancient Sucuraj in Homer's "Iliad", in which Sucuraj called Kila in the east Leke (Hvar), where, according to Greek mythology, Agamemnon, Achaeans king of Mycenae "curse on the opponent ...". In the area of ​​today's Sucuraj there are architectural and other remains of material culture from ancient times to indicate the existence of two among themselves a little distant city who were sunk by the earthquake and whose remains are still visible under the sea.

Over the centuries Sucuraj inhabited and shaped by the Illyrians, Romans, Slavs, Venetians and French, and a golden age Sucuraj experiences in the 17th century from which time dates back to the Venetian Fortress was built to defend against attackers. More recently Sucuraj developed into a small town that is itself a monument (1975th year gets a status of cultural monument) because it has preserved our lives today sequence of architectural forms of the past. Church of St. Anthony of Padua in the baroque style with Gothic elements represents one of najvrijednih sućurjanske sacred monuments of cultural heritage.

Another important monument is the monastery of St. Jurja And St. Augustine. George that occurs gradually from the 13th century, and mostly developed in the 15th and 16th centuries. Good to walk the streets sućurjanskim built stone houses, continue walking around the lighthouse, southern and northern coastline, admiring the colors and mora.sucuraj harbor
Travel and tourism activities in Sucuraj begin to develop in the mid 60s of the 20th century.

Traditional crafts, related to land and sea, sućurjani cherish today so that every guest in one of sućurjanskih restaurants can enjoy and feel the quality of wine, oil, brandy, fish and a variety of other local specialties that will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmets .

Numerous beaches in bays, whether they are in the area Sucuraj or in its immediate vicinity, will allow everyone to find their own place under the sun. Perna bay located 1.5 km from the bay Mlaska 3 km away from the unique rarity on the Adriatic because both bays have the small natural sea sand like no other in the area.

A variety of recreational opportunities (day and night fishing, cycling, sailing, diving ...), Cultural Summer rich content from which a special experience highlights the folk fest "Fishermen's Night", a beautiful place for excursions on land and sea, and the closeness of Medjugorje Dubrovnik, the island of Korcula and Peljesac peninsula means fun and entertainment for everyone, no exceptions and limitations.

Accommodation in Sucuraj is offered in comfortable apartments and rooms in private homes, in hotel "Trpimir". Fans of their camping will find a place to camp "Mlaska" while in the harbor can find their place many boaters. Excellent transport links with the mainland by ferry on the route Sucuraj - Drvenik will make your arrival easier and more enjoyable.

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