Stari Grad

starigradStari Grad is the oldest town in Croatia. The same year 384 BC, when it was born in Thrace, the famous Greek philosopher, Greeks from the island of Paros in the Aegean Sea founded a town on the island, which they called Pharos. 

The historical heart of the island, ancient Pharos (Stari Grad), built on the place where the deep bay passes into rich island fields, Arcadian valley since ancient times planted with vineyards and olive groves. Surrounded by pine forests, cooled summer breeze, Stari Grad is in the hot summer days, the rare Dalmatian places where the air is fresh and invigorating sleep.

Because of its central position of the island, for centuries was a haven for seafarers who are starograđani welcomed the waterfront and today sailors that old-bay obligatory visit place while sailing the Adriatic. Private accommodations - apartments, rooms, private homes are located mostly on the north side of the bay, at the foot of the hill Glavice.starigrad

Stari Grad has been preserved in terms of traditional architecture, and as such is of great tourist value, and local adaptation stone house offering modern accommodation in the spirit of ancient times, a successful blend of modern and tradition.

On the south side of the bay, along the coast continues to be the order of buildings from the Austro-Hungarian era behind them are located secluded houses with gardens.
Below, along the southern side of the bay, between the town and the beach Lanterna settlement Boric, where there are about 30% of the total accommodation capacity in Stari Grad.

starigradThe settlement is situated in a pine forest, a hundred meters from the beach Lanterna. This part of town is also very interesting for tourist accommodation for the town beach which is near but also because the city center is just a few hundred meters.

Stari Grad is the ideal starting point for long walks and trips to the sunniest and most fragrant of the islands. Comfortable accommodation, taverns and restaurants with domestic food and traditional island with good wines, will provide you the holiday you will never forget.

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Stari Grad ,on Hvar island, Croatia
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