How I turned a dream into a Dreamland


Long before this property became a Dreamland, it was cultivated by Greek settlers from Pharos island. They came here in 4th century BC and brought plants which you can still see in the whole Ager plain.

Greeks brought their religion and culture with them and created the oldest town in Croatia - Stari Grad. With the biggest bay on the Adriatic sea in front, and the biggest field on any Croatian island behind that was the perfect place for a town.

More than 2400 years later, Stari Grad is still one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia. We'll cover the history of the Ager field and Stari Grad on our blog, now I'll tell you more about the beginnings of Oxa Dreamland.


Oxa Dreamland before 2007

When I decided to create a dreamland for my friends, guests, and me, I knew the location is important. Once the property was bought I knew that a nice location is just a beginning.


Three stone houses were ruined, everything was full of wild and harsh plants. For most people that unpolished gem wouldn't be worth a penny. For me, it was a place I'll change and make it so nice the Dionysus himself will be proud.

Houses were renovated in a traditional Mediterranean style. Stone walls from outside, the wooden roof from inside. My goal was to make a luxurious property that won't stand out from the stunning nature around it. Based on the experiences of my guests and friends I've done a good job.


Oxa Dreamland old house


Now you can feel like home in the middle of the UNESCO protected Ager field. Pool, electricity (solar panels), Wifi and fully equipped kitchen would easily make you think that you are in some nice hotel, but…

...then you look outside and realize that you are in a breathtaking garden surrounded by fields and woods. 

As you know, it didn't look like that before. It was wild and neglected, full of bushes, stones, and trees.

Bushes and most of the trees were removed.
Don’t worry. We didn't throw away a single branch, nothing is more important to us than nature. We used what we could for firewood, we donated the rest as food for sheep, goats, and donkeys.

Some stones were moved, yet we left a lot of them where we found them. I wanted to create a unique Mediterranean garden so stones were super necessary. Browse our photos and you’ll see how well stones and Mediterranean plants work together.


cleaning of Oxa Dreamland


During winter stones and oak trees are stars of the garden. The rest of the plants are preserving energy so they can bloom in 1000 colors when spring kisses them. If you love plants and herbs as much as I do, swing by in May. The garden full of life will become one of your favorite places.

When Sun goes to sleep and gives it's place to the Moon and his stars, lay down on one of our sunbeds and gaze in the stars. The climate on Hvar is so nice that you'll be able to sleep outside and fully bond with nature for almost the whole year.


You can sleep outside in winter too, but I wouldn't do that. It's cold and there is no need to do it. Inside the house, you'll find a wood furnace which will keep you warm. Our furnace also has a super-power - it smells great because all the firewood comes from the Ager field. That means you'll be able to enjoy a smell of pine, olive, cypress, and oak while looking at hills through the bedroom window.

Now you know how Oxa Dreamland looked 2400 years ago and how it looked when it became mine in 2007. Now it's time to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Whatever you decide, get ready to feel the hedonism at its best.
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