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A wide, flat valley, protected bays, ports, sources of potable water, were the benefits and conditions that attract men to settle here. These conditions have led the Greek settlers of the island of Paros in the Aegean Sea that here, to found a colony in the 4th century BC. They brought with them the vine, olive, and their customs, especially the worship of the god Dionysus (god of fertility, wine, women). Cult of Dionysus brought joy and pleasure the senses and the possibility of escape from everyday life celebrating Dionysus slaviose renewal of nature, its fruit as a source of life. Parades nymphs bare breasts, with baskets of grapes on their heads walked along this fertile field. In addition to celebrating the cult of Dionysus and Aphrodite Zeus (Found coins with their figure). Ancient Greek were made ​​subdividing this field. which is one of the masterpieces of Greek culture in the Mediterranean. Greece HORA is well preserved in the dry-stone walls that mark the boundary of land and in 2008 was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. and did not change significantly from  antiquity to the present.

stone house before oxa
Oxa stone house

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