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nightOnly 27 km east of the town of Hvar, on the northern coast of the island, you will find the island, small fishing village.
Although the offer of products and quality service are significantly lower than those in the town of Hvar, Jelsa prices are lower. This mainly refers to the prices in restaurants, bars, clubs, as well as the cost of private and hotel accommodation.

If you wake up before the sun was too high, your first cup of coffee you must first be sure to drink in the square. This may be at least "Tarantella" with its distinctive style.
For lunch / dinner, you can go to the nearby village Pitva, immediately above Jelsa, where the restaurant "Fireplace" and try their seafood. If you do not want to drive the last few kilometers, visiting the restaurant "Pelago" in Jelsa, a place with a creative approach to the Mediterranean gastronomy.

Indispensable part of nightlife in Jelsa are certainly "Tarantella" bar and "Taboo" lounge bar (known for its large selection of local spirits). After that, you must visit the "Villa Verde" and enjoying cocktails. Indispensable and dance at the nearby "Dgigibaoo" club. When you get tired and head to bed, the last stop is a bakery on the waterfront, which has become a ritual in the summer.

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